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 FAW Ministries: Prayer & Music

FRANK ANTHONE WHITE, the facilitator of back home hours, Thanksgiving night musicals, conventions and symposia at the Church of God in Christ Little Zion in the mid-80's, was always personally sensitive to the need for creative outreach to young people, musicians, “Preachers’ Kids” and aspiring gospel song artists

The need to institutionalize was inevitable. White ignited a unique sound and approach to attract and maintain an untapped generation in the church.  In 1993, the outgrowth was the formation of FAW Ministries - an organization founded the  design of bringing the Gospel into easy access to a generation of post-Baby Boomers whose unanswered questions concerning faith and need for a trusted musical outlet was answered. A diversified team of professionals from various denominations converged and the sole purpose was souls.

White’s strategy was clear: gospel music, prayer and the Word of GodMusic Quest, the record label and production company White founded to support his musical interest would break the ice. His signature Prayer Conference, now in its 25th year,  would crack-open disgruntled hearts. His anointed Gospel Preaching would come forth and water the soil.

Over the years, FAW Ministries has broadened its opportunities to include educational initiatives by organizing leadership conferences, training lay workers and hosting specialized seminars which address relevant life goals such as financial planning, health & wellness and first-time home buying.  To date, the primary goals of FAW Ministries have remained unchanged: soul-winning at any cost.


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Founded in 1991 with the release of “We Need a Miracle” by the beloved Godfather of Gospel music, the late Reverend Timothy Wright, Music Quest broke into the gospel music industry as a force to be reckoned with. FRANK ANTHONE WHITE mastered the sound of New York and had a special production gift to bring the unique quality of an artist out “on wax.”

The label’s sophomore project captured another legendary personality in gospel music, Bishop Albert Jamison, Chairman of the GMWA and his recording with the New York State Chapter in 1993. Music Quest went on to record the FAW Celebration Choir, Shekinah Choir, Brooklyn Tabernacle Deliverance Mass Choir, Long Island Sound and David Bratton & Spirit of Praise.

After a number of years on hiatus due to White’s increased pastoral and episcopal responsibilities, Music Quest has been re-engineered and set to release its first project in over 20 years.  The legacy continues with White’s only son, Jykolyn K. White, Chief Operating Officer and Zantino Kimmons, Vice President, Marketing.  The long awaited, “Return to Gospel Music,” White’s special compilation project and work of musical genius highlighting yet again, the unique sound and anointing captured back in the mid-80s. This time, White is joined by his colleagues, Donnie McClurkin, Rance Allen, Kim Burrell, Dorinda Clark Cole, Maranda Curtis and a host of other A-list artists.  The project will be released in the Winter 2019.

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Jykolyn K. White
Chief Operating Officer


Zantino Kimmons
Vice President, Marketing